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In this primary school project the students get aquainted with the species of swallows of the Hungary’s fauna. The aim of the project is to present why the swallows are...

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My Juno activity
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Juno, from the Earth to Jupiter
Juno is a NASA New Frontiers mission currently orbiting the planet Jupiter. Juno was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on August 5, 2011 and arrived on July 4,...

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Kas atsitinka cukrui arbatos puodelyje?
CCL – Kūrybiškų laboratorijų projektas (angl. Creative Classrooms Lab, CCL) – atlieka eksperimentus, skirtus išbandyti 1:1 strategiją ir surinkti duomenis apie pedagoginės...

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Commedia dell’arte and Farce in Film
Situation and character based comedy in the film Fishing in Trouble: Pupils learn about two genres of medieval drama and the source of comedy that is behind them: the...

The topic of the project is “Places”, it is an exam topic, that’s why it is important for pupils to practice the related words and grammar. 11 places are chosen to which...

I See a Swallow
In this primary school project the students get aquainted with the species of swallows of Hungarian fauna. The aim of the project is to present why the swallows are...

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This learning story is for teaching topics about DNA. Let's see.

Bee-Bot meets the Bread
During the project pupils learn about the concepts, occupations, and customs that are related to traditional breadmaking from wheat throwing till baking. They also learn...

We live here
In this project students learn about areas that are in the vicinity of their home, and that are of importance from an environmental and nature protection point of view....

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Step into the House of Bread
The aim of this project is to introduce novice baker apprenticeship students into knowledge that is related to their profession. As a part of the full academic year...

Do you speak body language?
In this project pupils learn about effective metacommunication. They learn about the concepts of communication, metacognition, metacommunication. They play communication...

Nyugat (The West) - A Literary Magazine
Nyugat was a literary magazine between 1908 and 1941 in Hungary. The project introduces the magazine, respectively the first generation of authors to the pupils. Pupils...

Aprendendo sobre a evolução ..
Esta narrativa é sobre..

The role of DNA mutations in darwinian evolution.
This learning story is devoted to understand some important concepts that have to do with the role played by DNA mutations in evolution.

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The Little Man
Pupils read and work with Erich Kästner’s novel: The Little Man. Building on the students' self-reliance, pupils create differet products: reports, essays, presentations,...