Learning Stories
Moving charged particles
The students will work based on the Kagan’s jigsaw method to study the new ideas of the topic of electricity. In the next step the students select those topics and...

Ancient Greek
This is a Learning Story about Ancient Greece

Is that Superheroes who Save the Earth?
During the project we try to call pupils’ attention that there are factors which they can also influence and that makes the circumstances nicer and healthier for them and...


Triangles in Mathematics and in Everyday Life
In this project we synthetize pupils’ knowledge about triangles and broaden it with information pupils collect. They look for triangles in architecture, in arts, in science...

Let's learn something about the ancients. Philosophy. Mythology. Architecture. https://support.classflow.com/classflow/topics/g7bfgc8wihrga

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My Home, my Castle
Pupils apply direct proportionality calculation on real-life examples. The student groups plan the renovation of one student's room. They calculate costs of painting,...

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Exemplo de aula

Look at the profile, meet the person
The students study about the dangers of using the Internet and get information about the preventation of hazards. After mapping up their previous knowledge students search...

história de aprendizagem

The Rosetta spacecraft
This learning story is for teaching science-related facts, specially about astronomy. We will discuss about the Rosetta spacecraft a little bit.

Xogo para aprender matemáticas
Esta é a súa descrición.

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The tailor students divided into groups examine 3-4 periods in the history (Antiquity-Egypt, Rome, Greece, Renaissance, Rococo, Baroque). These examinations focus on the...

Here you must live and die!
In my opinion reading historical stories among small children (9-10 year-aged student) is very difficult. The language of the texts is complicated because it is far from...

Teaching Musical Instruments 2.0.
Preparing music high school students specialized in flute for taking part in international competitions. The project is mainly supported by digital tools.Chosing the piece...

CBI Detectives
The aim of the porject is to use students’ knowledge connected to science (chemistry, physics, biology). The studying process is based on a popular TV series. It consists...

All that glitters is not gold
The aim of the project is to learn about the physical and chemical properties of metals using many ICT tools in several types of activities. The range of activities is...

Malik & The O.G's
Malik & The O.G's are a group comprising spoken word artists & musicians led by Liverpool poet and social commentator - Malik Al Nasir a student of the late Gil Scott Heron.

Hiding in a Poem
Pupils learn about two volumes of Sándor Weöres: Bóbita (Crest) and Paripám csodaszép pejkó (My Steed is a Beautiful Bay). Pupils learn about the poems and create...

Sen golpes, Sen berros, Sen malas palabras
Neste proxecto realizarase un estudo estatístico sobre a visión que teñen os alumnos de secundaria e bacharelato sobre a igualdade e a violencia de xénero. A finalidade...

50 cumpleaños de Mafalda
Mafalda cumple 50 años y queremos felicitarla. ¿Como podemos felicitarla? Con una postal, con un correo, una fiesta sorpresa. ¿Con quién le gustaría estar este día tan...

Ana Ana  Piñeiro Soto
Proxecto educativo: Portada dun xornal
Os alumnos-as traballarán de forma colaborativa na investigación, redacción, edición e produción de novas da comunidade escolar, previamente seleccionadas e que sexan do...

Images_(2) Espedregada Raxó
Realizan un vídeo sobre deportes en varios países

922805_10200601219504655_1128842163_n Ana Galdo Rodriguez
Enseñoso cabaleiro.... Don Quixote
Debido que o próximo ano 2015 celébrase o IV Centenario da publicación da segunda parte do Quixote, o noso centro elaborou un proxecto chamado “O exeñoso fidalgo Don...


A saúde

Grupo A Saúde
Ñan Ñan.. a merendar

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